Leading experience in microfinance
Microfinance is the youngest and the most appealing segment of the new finance, growing worldwide at an average rate of 15-20% yearly. In the world of Microfinance, micro-credit, or credit to micro and small entrepreneurs, represents the real tool for helping people, thanks to responsible financial services, in order for them to realize their dreams and improve their own welfare.
Business Loan
up to500 000MDL, without pledge
100 001 up to 5 000 000 MDL
issuance 2 days
up to 1 000 000 MDL pledge current assets
up to 48 months
Agro Loan
up to1 000 000MDL, pledge next harvest
100 001 up to 5 000 000 MDL
issuance 2 days
up to 750 000 MDL no pledge
up to 48 months
Agrotehnica Loan
up to1 000 000MDL
100 001 up to 1 000 000 MDL
Issuance 2 days
Pledge - purchased agricultural machinery
Up to 48 months
Super Rapid Loan
up to100 000MDL, without pledge, in 4 hours
from 5 000 up to 100 000 MDL
decision in 4 hours
no pledge
up to 24 months
Home Loan
up to150 000EUR
Up to 150 000 EUR
decision in 24 hours
pledge: the building that you want to buy
up to 120 months
Consumer Loan
up to200 000MDL, without pledge, in 4 hours
Up to 200 000 MDL
decision in 4 hours
without pledge
period 24 months
Auto Loan
up to25 000EUR
up to 25 000 EUR
decision 2 hours
pledge vehicle
up to 36 month